The Story of Sthreedhanam revolves around the life of Seethulaksmi of Palat and her sons, daughters and daughter in laws. The story starts with the wedding of Prashanthan, the eldest of three sons of Sethulakshmi and Lakshamanan Pillai, of the aristocratic Palat family. Going against the wishes of his dominant and avaricious mother Sethulakshmi, Prashanthan marries Divya of the Meledath family. Sethulakshmi is not happy that Divya was coming into the family as a daughter in law as she is coming from a poor family. Because of the poor background she does not bring dowry and have little gold.
Using all her authority as a mother-in-law, Sethulakshmi does her maximum to trouble Divya. She also insults Divya’s parents.

Later Sethulakshmi finds out that Divya’s gold ornaments are all imitation jewelry, she Semd back Divya to her house and says that she can enter into the house only if she bring the real jewellery. She finds out that it was an arrangement between her son Prashanthan and Divya’s father Govindhan. Sethulakshmi decided that Divya could only come back to the Palat house only after providing the whole of the ornaments.

Divya’s father borrows money to buy ornaments for her and takes her back to the Palat house. Prashanthan’s cousin (Murrapennu), Mayuri always looks forward to spoil Prasanthan’s life. Even though she is married she lives separate. She is jealous with Divya and tries out all devious ways to spoil their life and marry Prasanth. Sethulakhmi also support her as he has lot of jewellery with her.

Prashanthan’s younger brother Prakashan is in love with a girl named Veni. Sethulaksmi approves their affair and fix their marriage as she comes to know that Veni comes from a rich family. Arrogant and wealthy Veni comes to the Palat household as Prakashan’s wife.



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